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My name is Melee Jameson and I currently live in suburban Philadelphia with my dog "Wiley Boon", cat "Cocoa Puff", along with the occasional foster kitten. I am the creator and founder of "Second Chance Chains", a non-profit organization that turns metal from dog chains into beautifully gorgeous, stunning jewelry. Really!

I have always volunteered or donated my time or money to the local library or other organization; but it wasn't until I started volunteering with the local Philadelphia shelters that I found a true purpose in life. Hailing from a small farming community in Western Wisconsin, it was not an easy journey learning about the plight of so many neglected or abused animals in this City of Brotherly Love.

Turning instruments of pain and abuse into articles of jewelry and icons of the wearer's support to end animal cruelty has been a lifelong dream. Thanks to the support of a few close friends, I began to realize this dream in 2012. I started collecting "chains" from volunteers or friends at these organizations who work in the Humane Law Enforcement or Lifesaving departments. I then work with a good friend and talented jeweler, Gretchen McHale, founder of Studio 320 Jewelry, taking these seemingly 'ugly' links of metal to create our unique and stunning works of wearable art. All of the jewelry we make is our own creation and is crafted with love and a true desire to help end animal cruelty and neglect. We also pay tribute to the staff and volunteers of these organizations by naming the jewelry after them (or their pets).

Second Chance Chains supports the animal shelters and organizations in Philadelphia that help unwanted, stray, abused, displaced or distressed companion animals. I have worked closely with these organizations over the years and am honored that my creations can support their work to end animal cruelty, neglect, and abuse in our city. It is also important to recognize that these organizations welcome and even rely on their volunteers, something other large cities do not always do. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I feel strongly about the method in which I donate to these organizations: I determine a 'wish list' and then purchase new equipment as a gift to the organizations so that I can ensure the profits of the jewelry go directly to the mission to help animals.

Contact Info

Second Chance Chains
Philadelphia, PA
e/ meleej@hotmail.com
p/ (610) 909.0056